About Lou

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Born in 1971, in Farmington, MI, I grew up in a warm family environment, my father is an Electrical Engineer and Inventor, and my mother a Veterinarian, with two siblings and a very large backyard. I grew up appreciating nature, animals, and how life can be so much better with the right new appliance. (Something, my father, invariably provided).

In 1995, I married my husband Jack, a keen survivalist, and even better shooter, who taught me everything about guns, and together we settled down in nearby Farmington Hills. Today, my husband Jack and I manage a diverse family business that includes landscape gardening, home appliance innovation investment, and home improvement courses helping young couples manage residential space and time.

Home Life & Family

I have two children with my Husband Jack, twin terrors that keep me busy all the time. Aged twelve, they keep us both on our toes and are showing signs of innovative minds fueled by their grandpa and empowered by their parents.

My home is a treasure trove of concepts, where I put all I know into action. It’s not a matter of just writing about it; it’s also an issued of living with it. As such, our Nickson family is full of interesting gadgetry, and the latest materials, all brought together in a cohesive and efficient manner.

Home Appliance Innovations

I have been a keen investor, both in supporting young inventors and in finding sales opportunities to provide an outlet for their creativity. I am a firm believer that there is always more to improve, using new materials, new designs and being creating in synthesizing hybrid functionality. As such, and with my knowledge in workshop applications, I review home appliances sold online for their actual performance and created go-no-go ratings for every appliance.

Patio & Barbeque

Avid grillers, with love for both meat and vegetarian meals, Jack and I, have tested and written over two hundred testimonials on grillers, smokers, and barbeque pits, from the standard iron box to the Philippino Lechon roast, and tested Michelin star grade griller/smokers at home and in the wild. (which is about 50 yards from our back terrace). Today, I am a go-to expert in all things roasting outdoors.

Life Hacks

When it comes to cleaning, construction, and general home management, I, with my Fathers ingrained love of all things technical, managed to gather ten years of hands-on experience in home development and construction projects. This includes everything from roof materials to detergents, from patio tiles to indoor rubbish baskets. If it’s got to do with the home, with living in the home, or in making a better home safer, and more efficient, then I am the one to ask. My life hacks come from actual experience through trial and error as well as through a brazen flair for trying anything out.

The Internet

When the internet came to my house, back in 1991, I was already 20 and showed great interest in this new technology. Realizing how great it was, I started to learn HTML, and over time understood the complexities of how the internet can affect our daily lives. Ever since then I have had an online presence. My latest romp on the internet is https://www.positivenewsmedia.net/, which is a leading home and garden information site that presents its readers with keen insights into all the products and services I have tested and reviewed. It’s a free service, as I do believe that some information should not be restricted, and given freely for all to enjoy.

Recycle and Rebuild

My forays into recycling and environmental issues have granted me an access to some of the most illustrious international societies, where I contribute generously in knowledge and innovation. My understanding of materials and how they improve life, leading to an emission-free environment, together with a keen “used” (not waste) recycling of plastics, (Working with companies such as TerraCycle), I see benefits in everything that comes into the home, from the plastic bag to the plastic bottle, from cardboard containers and broken electronic devices. Everything can be used, and in my workshop, there are hundreds of bottles and bins containing components and products that have been disassembled and waiting for reassembly into something new.

Freedom to Know

My latest venture into the world of knowledge includes providing free webinars and online aid for all that seek to improve their home living conditions. Whether you are living in a small hut, or in a grand penthouse, with a garden or within a city confined space, I have a message for you. My webinars are sought after and usually fill up within minutes of being placed online. My two mottos are “If you know something, use it to help others,” and “There is always something new coming to replace what you just created.”