Airflow Ceiling Fans – Buyer’s Guide!

Any home’s comfort depends on the quality and efficiency of ventilation. And although today most houses are equipped with supply and exhaust units with side grilles, airflow ceiling fans remain the actual solution.

Ceiling Fan Advantages

The growing interest of homeowners in such equipment is primarily due to its versatility and numerous applications. Ceiling fans can be useful not only in scorching summers but also in freezing winters, as well as in high humidity conditions.

Among useful functions of ceiling fans, effective cooling stands first. Thanks to the central location, a built-in ceiling fan effectively distributes cold air in a room. This type of operation is available due to reversible fan blades that rotate counterclockwise. Thus, you get the opportunity not only to cool but also heat your rooms in the cold season, thanks to the rising air and increased heating efficiency. You can save up to 20-30% on heating or AC bills. But that’s not all that a high-quality ceiling fan can offer. Some models adjust the humidity level or include light kits.

A list of Top Airflow Ceiling Fans

Home Decorators Collection YG493OD-EBHome Decorators Collection YG493OD-EB9330 CFM9View Info
On The Home Depot
Hunter Fan Company 53237Hunter Fan Company 532373468 CFM3View Info
On Amazon
Hunter Fan Company 53091Hunter Fan Company 530913525 CFM3View Info
On Amazon
Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BKMonte Carlo 3MAVR60BK6821 CFM6View Info
On Amazon
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195Honeywell Ceiling Fans 501952900 CFM3View Info
On Amazon
Harbor Breeze 00724 807421Harbor Breeze 00724 8074212845 CFM3View Info
On Amazon
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01548 CFM3View Info
On Amazon
Stile CF0110Stile CF01101437 CFM3View Info
On The Home Depot
Home Decorators Collection 54725Home Decorators Collection 547255423 CFM3View Info
On The Home Depot
Hampton Bay YG216-MWHHampton Bay YG216-MWH4440 CFM3View Info
On The Home Depot
Hugger AL383LED-EBHugger AL383LED-EB3256 CFM3View Info
On The Home Depot
Hampton Bay 52379Hampton Bay 523794087 CFM3View Info
On The Home Depot

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

What technical aspects to consider when choosing a ceiling fan?

  1. The first thing to do is to determine the installation location for the fan (typically, the center of a room or hall). However, in the case of a large area, it’s best to install two or more ceiling fans for proper air circulation. It is not recommended to install the fan above your bed to avoid direct airflow.
  2. Select a suitable fan size:
    30″ – for small rooms, kitchens, bathrooms (8.2’ x 26.2’);
    42″ – for medium and small rooms (11.8’ x 11.8’);
    52″ – for large rooms (dining rooms, wide living rooms or bedrooms 18’ x 19.7’).
  3. For safe and convenient accommodation, consider the height of the ceiling. Ceiling fans attached to a long rod will not fit for a low 7.9’ ceiling – not only that will disturb those present in the room, but also will not be able to fully distribute the air (the recommended blade height above the floor is 7’’-9’, and for the most balanced air circulation – 8’-9’. High-installed fans are best controlled with remote control.
  4. Choose the right airflow (CFM). The more, the better. The CFM shows you the amount of air that the ceiling fan can move in a minute when running at the highest speed. No matter how energy-efficient your fan is or what speed (RPM) it has if it’s not cooling the air temperature in the room, it sucks. The CFM is the total of all the other ceiling fan elements.
  5. Check if the existing electrical network suits fan power. This is especially true for functional fans with lights and other features. If it’s not enough, a qualified electrician can install a separate cable to switch on the fan from the panel (electric board).
  6. Check the noise characteristics. This is especially important when buying large and powerful fans for your home that will run continuously. We recommend choosing fans with the highest 40-46 dB noise level.
  7. Speed level and air direction. These are very practical features that will greatly enhance your device’s capabilities. By controlling the speed of your device, you will determine the intensity of the airflow. Thus, on slightly cooler days, you will not have to use the fan at full power. Adjusting the rotating direction will allow you to use the fan during winters when you need warm air.

It is important to understand that the more functional the fan is (e.g. equipped with a light, app compatible, high CFM index, etc.), the more power it will consume and, sometimes, the harder it will be to install (check the hardware included for easy installation. In any case, opt for the functions you need at the best price. A mega-functional and cheap fan will eventually become a poor choice.

Ceiling Fan Design

A ceiling fan is not only an element for creating freshness In your home but also part of the interior of a room, office, or kitchen. Therefore, you should immediately pay attention to the color and finish. The fan should be made from a suitable material – wood, plastic, metal, or with a decorative finish that matches the color. Backlighting and illumination will look effective, especially in modern high-tech and minimalist interiors.

Ceiling Fan Applications

In summer, the fan should rotate counterclockwise – so that the airflow “falls” down, providing coolness. In winter, the blade rotation should be clockwise, so that the lower, cool air masses rise and warm up from the upper ones. Ceiling fans only make the air temperature comfortable by distributing the air, but do not remove excess moisture – additional means and equipment are used for that.

Make your choice before buying. In general, ceiling fans are not complex devices. They can also be installed easily if you have the right skills and experience. But any equipment has its price, for which we expect ultimate, high-quality performance. The correct installation of a ceiling fan, especially with additional functions, is also an important factor in its durability assurance. If you are not sure of your installation abilities, we recommend addressing experts.

Review of the Best Airflow Ceiling Fans:

Home Decorators Collection YG493OD-EB Airflow Ceiling Fan

This powerful and elegant airflow ceiling fan is designed for moving large volumes of air in both large indoor and outdoor spaces. The fan features 8 weather-resistant maple blades for both indoor or outdoor use, 9 speeds, a hand-held remote controller, and an in-built dimmable LED light kit with frosted opal glass (16W light source).

The unit pushes up to 9330 CFM of airflow for max cooling and the energy-efficient reversible DC motor will run on high on just 31W, which is really energy efficient. ENERGY-STAR-certified to make sure the fan will provide a lasting service at your home. Fill your room (or your porch) with a steady breeze and warm atmospheric light!


  • Dimensions – 72″(D) x 13.8″(H) x 72″(W)
  • Downrod length – 4.5″
  • Fan blade length/width – 31.57″/4.72″
  • Material – maple, ABS, frosted opal glass
  • 9 speeds
  • 8 espresso/bronze blades
  • Airflow – 9330 CFM
  • Integrated LED
  • Remote control included
  • Battery included
  • Wet-rated fan


  • Versatility
  • 8 maple blades with dust and moisture resistance
  • A built-in dimmable LED light
  • Fast and easy installation (Accu-Arm blade arms included)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Decorative canopy ring and coupling cover for concealing screws
  • Quiet operation and powerful reversible motor
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote control included

Hunter Fan Company 53237 Airflow Ceiling Fan

You will be amazed by how this ceiling fan will change the look of your room, turning it into a luxurious apartment. After short use, you will ask yourself, how you could even live without it.

Hunter’s products are the benchmark of the highest quality – the company has been on the market for over 130 years, offering products for customers with different budgets, tastes, and priorities. Hunter’s airflow ceiling fans combine quiet operation, high performance, unique design, and no need for maintenance in each model.

With the Builder Plus model, you can significantly save on energy costs for cooling in summer (up to 47%) and keeping indoor heat in winter (up to 24%). And of course, the fan will become an excellent piece of decoration.

In contrast to other ceiling fans, Hunter’s products can compete with ACs to a comparative degree without any harm to health. They are unparalleled in the industry, designed for decades of impeccable operation and performance. Hunter proudly manufactures airflow ceiling fans with an unprecedented and unlimited motor warranty.

A 2-pack option is also available on Amazon!


  • The Builder Plus classic model with 3 lights
  • 52-inch blade span
  • Airflow – 3468 CFM
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • 5 Brazilian cherry/harvest mahogany blades
  • 13-degree blade pitch
  • Speed – 155 RPM
  • Weight – 21.5 lbs
  • Fan blade with – 4.5″
  • Fan blade length – 21.5″
  • Down rod length – 3″
  • Three 60W bulbs included
  • WhisperWind motor technology
  • Pull chains included
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Dimensions – 52″ x 52″ x 18.1″
  • Weight – 18.5 lbs
  • Dry rated
  • Indoor use only
  • Made in China


  • Large and efficient design
  • Impressive performance
  • Amber glass light kit
  • Unique Hunter reversible motor technology and hanging system
  • Whisper-quiet and wobble-free operation
  • Patented anti-dust technology to prevent dust build-up
  • 13-degree blade pitch for optimal air movement
  • 3-position mounting system (standard, low, angled)
  • 3 fan speeds (high/medium/low)
  • Reversible airflow function
  • Easy on/off and speed adjustment via included pull chains
  • 3-light fixture with frosted opal glass
  • Affordable price

Hunter Fan Company 53091 Airflow Ceiling Fan

The Builder Deluxe model from Hunter has a 3-speed quiet and powerful motor, 5 reversible cherry/stained oak blades, 3525 CFM of airflow, two 60W LED bulbs (6.5W energy efficient), pull chains for on/off control and speed adjustment, a handheld remote control for convenience, a 3″ down rod for proper ceiling distance and optimal air movement, and 159 RPM speed.

The weight of this unit is only 20 lbs. With this fan, you can save on your electricity bills and add some classic style to your home’s decor. Standard, angled, or low ceiling mounting is available.
The Builder Deluxe fan can also be installed with or without a light kit.

Choosing the given manufacturer, you do not limit yourself in terms of variety – choose models for different applications, whether you need a ceiling fan for your house, apartment, office, restaurant, arbor, low ceiling or outdoor models with moisture and dust protection – you can find a perfect ceiling fan with features you need.

All the fans that come without light fixtures, can have them mounted if needed. A brushed nickel finish option is also available for purchase.


  • Airflow – 3525 CFM
  • Speed – 159 RPM
  • Weight – 20 lbs
  • Dimensions – 52″ x 16.8″
  • Down rod length – 3″
  • Fan blade length – 52″
  • Fan blade width – 4.5″
  • 3-speed motor
  • 5 reversible Brazilian cherry / stained oak blades
  • Three 60W LED light bulbs
  • Down rod included
  • 2-light fixture with a white glass bowl
  • Cap included
  • ETL rated
  • Indoor use only
  • Dry rated


  • Elegant finish
  • Quiet and reliable motor
  • Superior air circulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Perfect for large rooms
  • Standard, angled, or low ceiling mounting
  • Can be installed with or without a light kit

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Airflow Ceiling Fan

The 70″ Maverick Max Collection fan model has a sleek modern shape and features an Aged Pewter housing with Light Grey Weathered Oak blades. This ceiling fan is designed for outdoor (patio) use or you can use it in damp premises.

You can expect quiet and smooth operation thanks to a powerful and reversible 85×28 mm DC motor, 6821 CFM airflow at high speed, and three precision-balanced, softly-rounded balsa blades that are hand-carved and feature a 13-degree pitch for maximum air movement.

There’s also a handheld remote control for speed and turn on/off control. With such a fan, you can create an optimal airflow no matter if it’s your patio, living room, great room, or outdoor covered areas.


  • Aged pewter-light grey-weathered oak
  • Designed for patios and damp premises
  • Fan diameter – 70″
  • Material – balsa wood
  • Airflow – 6821 CFM (high speed), 5,192 CFM (weighted average)
  • Electricity – 30W (high speed), 21W (weighted average)
  • Efficiency – 229 CFM/Watt (high speed), 247 CFM/Watt (weighted average)
  • Voltage – 120V
  • 6″ down rod
  • Weight – 11.7 lbs
  • Height – 13.7″ (from ceiling to fan housing bottom)
  • 3 outdoor-approved precision-balanced blades
  • Blade pitch – 13″
  • 6-speed reversible DC motor (3.4″ x 1.1″)
  • 6.5′ lead wire for long down rods
  • Handheld remote control
  • Downlight
  • UL & ULC approved
  • Recommended for 20′ x 20′ room or more


  • Energy-efficient and bold design
  • Hand-crafted balsa wood blades
  • Maximum airflow
  • ENERGY STAR certified (50% energy savings)
  • Indoor and outdoor application (Damp rated)
  • Quiet and wobble-free operation
  • Approved for damp premises and locations

Monte Carlo 3MAVR52AGP Airflow Ceiling Fan

The Maverick II Collection features 52″ ceiling fans with 5.889 CFM (high speed) and 3.807 CFM (weighted average), 27W of electricity (high speed) and 18W (weighted average); and 217 CFM/Watt efficiency (high speed) and 212 CFM/Watt (weighted average). The blade pitch degree is 19″.

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60AGP Airflow Ceiling Fan

The Maverick Collection is represented by 60″ Maverick ceiling fans from Monte Carlo which all feature 6.687 CFM (high speed) and 4.551 CFM (weighted average); 27W of electricity (high speed) and 20W (weighted average); 245 CFM/Watt efficiency (high speed) and 228 CFM/Watt (weighted average). The blade pitch degree is 12″.

Monte Carlo 3MAVR88AGP Airflow Ceiling Fan

The Maverick Super Max collection includes 88″ ceiling fans with a powerful 4.72″ x 1″ (120 x 25 mm) DC motor for quiet and smooth operation, a 13-degree blade pitch for optimal airflow, impressive 14.784 CFM airflow (high speed), 26W of electricity, and 575 CFM/Watt efficiency.

Monte Carlo 3MAVR99AGP Airflow Ceiling Fan

The Grand Collection features the largest and most powerful fans in the range. These fans feature a powerful 4.72″ x 1.4″ (120 x 35 mm) DC motor, 17.395 CFM airflow, 29W electricity, 12-degree blade pitch, and 606 CFM/Watt efficiency.

The rest of the features/parameters are the same as in the 70” Maverick Max Collection fans.

All Maverick collections are produced with manually-carved balsa wood blades and feature fan models available in 5 finish options:

Aged Pewter housing with Light Grey Weathered Oak blades;
Brushed Steel housing with Dark Walnut blades;
Brushed Steel housing with Koa blades;
Matte Black housing with Dark Walnut blades;
Matte Black housing with Matte Black blades.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195

The 54″ Honeywell Rio ceiling fan has a modern sleek design and features a brushed nickel finish. The fan comes with a powerful and reversible 3-speed (high/medium/low) DC motor which quietly pushes 3 matte black blades with a 15″-degree blade pitch for ultimate cooling and proper air circulation as well as for keeping you warm in cold winter and saving on your energy costs.

The design is complemented by LED dimmable light covered with a gallant white glass bowl (2x 13W bulbs included) for providing soft and warm, atmospheric illumination. The fan can be easily mounted using a 4″ down rod (included), angled, and close-mount. The 50195 can be operated using an included remote which is responsible for speed and power control.

Light Delay mode is also available. Moreover, the unit is also compatible with Alexa (sold separately), which allows operating it via sound control (a Bond hub is required).


  • Dimensions – 54″(W) x 14.8″(H)
  • 3 mounting options (close-mount, down rod, angled)
  • 3-speed DC motor
  • Airflow – 2900 CFM
  • 3 matte black blades
  • Remote control included
  • Batteries included
  • 2 13W bulbs included
  • 4″ down rod included
  • Designed for large and medium-sized premises (indoor use only)
  • 30 ft operation distance


  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Voice control (Alexa compatible / requires a Bond hub)
  • Powerful and reversible 3-speed DC motor
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Remote control included
  • Large 3 matte black blades
  • 15-degree blade pitch
  • Tri-mount compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Built-in frosted cased white glass
  • Low price

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50514

The 50514 model has an oil-rubbed Bronze finish and features three 52″ blades as well as cased white glass bowl light (2 E26/a15 LED bulbs included). This contemporary and stylish airflow ceiling fan is built to provide great air circulation and cooling in average-sized rooms around 350-450 square feet large. The rest of the features are the same as with the previous model from Honeywell.

Harbor Breeze 00724 807421 Airflow Ceiling Fan

The compact 44″ Mazon ceiling fan is a sip of fresh air in terms of contemporary decor. It features a brushed nickel finish and 3 reversible silver blades with 16″-degree blade pitch to provide sufficient air circulation in your rooms pushing up to 2845 CFM of airflow. The fan also comes with a soft 18W dimmable LED light kit featuring an opal white glass bowl.

The light produces up to 600 lumens when set at the highest level. You can operate the AC motor and control the speed using a remote control which comes with a wall cradle. If you want to mount the ceiling fan yourself, you can check the installation videos provided by Mazon for the easy and clear installation of the fan.


  • Modern design
  • AC motor
  • 3 modified silver blades
  • 16″-degree blade pitch
  • 1 remote control (3 speeds, light control)
  • 18W LED module
  • Airflow – 2845 CFM
  • Wattage equivalent – 60W
  • Electricity – 58W (high speed)
  • Indoor use
  • Mount distance – 12″ (from ceiling to the fan’s bottom)


  • Matte opal glass bowl
  • Replaceable 18W LED dimmable light
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Powerful, reversible AC motor
  • Perfect for small rooms and low ceilings
  • Dimmable light kit
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan
  • Low price

Harbor Breeze Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

Another contemporary model on our list. This one is for classic, simple and dark design lovers. The 52″ ceiling fan features 5 reversible matte black/marble blades (23.4 x 5.4) with an 11-degree blade pitch and will work great on standard 8′ ceilings in rooms of up to 400 sq ft.

The two 40W torpedo lamps (included) are covered with a white frosted glass bowl to provide warm and atmospheric illumination that will gently cover your room decor and furniture pieces. The motor of this fan is powerful which allows it to push air quietly and steadily providing up to 3210 CFM of airflow.

Plus, it features a reversible function for proper summer/winter performance. The speed of this unit is 147 RPM at high speed.


  • 52″ two-light indoor ceiling fan
  • 5 matte black/marble reversible plywood blades
  • 11-degree blade pitch
  • Blade length – 23.4″
  • Blade width – 5.4″
  • 78″ lead wire
  • 4″(L) x 3/4″ down rod
  • 2 candelabra-base 40W torpedo lamps
  • 147 RPM (high speed)
  • Amps – 0.53 (high)
  • 153 mm x 15 mm cold-rolled steel motor with triple capacitor
  • Frosted glass bowl
  • Airflow – 3210 CFM
  • Electricity – 63W (without lights)
  • Efficiency – 57 CFM/Watt
  • Max ceiling angle – 15 degrees
  • Approved for indoor use
  • Dual mount installation


  • High-quality motor
  • Stylish matte black finish
  • Powerful and quiet circulation
  • Perfect for 400 sq ft rooms with regular 8 ft ceilings
  • Remote control adaptable (sold separately)
  • Can be used with dimmer

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01

This industrial-style fan offers a rough modern design in each of its 5 dual-finish blades and adds some steel/raw pine style to your room decor. It’s, probably, all about the Honeywell’s Carnegie mesh drum surrounding three Edison-style light bulbs.

This ceiling fan can indeed become an impressive decor and luxury element for a medium/large room with a loft, rustic, or steam-punk style design. The blades of the fan are mounted with the use of special iron clamps, which creates an amazing geometric appeal.

With this ceiling fan, you can expect 2 different mounting options and an easy installation process which is not going to take your more than 1 hour. And you will like the result.

The Carnegie features a quiet and reliable 3-speed motor and remote control for easy control and convenience. This fan will keep your industrial-style or simply modern room cool during summers and warm them up in cold winters due to proper air circulation. A perfect unit for the money!


  • Industrial 52″ ceiling fan
  • 5 dual-finish rough pine blades
  • Dimensions – 52″ x 14.1″
  • Remote control included
  • 3 speeds
  • 30 ft operating distance
  • 3 Edison bulbs (E26/B10 LED)
  • 25.000 hours lifespan
  • 100% dimmable
  • 80 CRI
  • 450 Lumens


  • Quiet, powerful, and reversible motor
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Light delay mode
  • 2-position dual mount
  • Easy installation (45-60 minutes)

Stile CF0110 Airflow Ceiling Fan

And here’s something different. The Anderson 22″ Enclosed fan from Stile with a brushed nickel finish brings fresh innovations and unique design into your room. The forward-thinking technologies provide a better way of cooling your home as well as sufficient energy efficiency resulting in more than just a regular air circulation.

The installation process of this fan is a no-brainer. The fan features dimmable durable built-in LED light strips that go all around the fixture, which means you will never have change any light bulbs – simply enjoy the 360 degrees of ambient, warm white light in your room.

The Anderson fan also features a powerful motor with variable speeds to rotate 3 enclosed aluminum blades, so you can change between high, medium, and low air circulation speeds. You can also use the included remote control to choose your favorite light and speed parameters no matter where you are in your room.

The fan is available in 4 different finish options (bronze, black, and white).


  • 22″ enclosed fan
  • 3-speed motor
  • Remote control
  • Airflow – 1437 CFM
  • Dimensions – 15″(H) x 22″(W)
  • Weight – 24 lbs
  • 3 enclosed aluminum blades
  • Angled/Downrod mount
  • Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Frosted glass
  • Remote control included
  • User manual included
  • UL listed for safety


  • Perfect for small kitchens and bedrooms
  • Incredible air circulation
  • Lifetime dimmable LED lights for charming ambiance
  • Reliable all-year-round usage
  • No wobbling over time
  • No light strobe effect (no-exposed blades)
  • Airflow direction change
  • Indoor/covered outdoor use

Home Decorators Collection 54725 Airflow Ceiling Fan

The 52″ Mercer ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish and is designed to offer convenience and ultimate airflow (5423 CFM) provided by 4 silver plywood blades. The fan will surely add some sleek style to your home decor and let your home breathe freely.

The Mercer also has an included remote control with regular control settings (light, speed, power), but you can also operate the fan through the Bond (sold separately) via your smartphone (compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home)! The powerful motor (200 RPM) of the Mercer is really quiet and reliable.

You can surely expect wobble-free operation and long-lasting service from this fan which will compliment any large modern-style premise. This fan is available in 4 finish options (White, Distressed Koa, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze).


  • Dimensions – 52″(W) x 15″(H)
  • Weight – 18 lbs
  • Speed – 200 RPM
  • 4 silver blades
  • 14″-degree blade pitch
  • 14W LED integrated module
  • Airflow – 5423 CFM
  • 172 x 20 mm motor
  • Remote control included
  • Threaded 4.5″ down rod included
  • Coupler included
  • Tri-mount installation (close to the ceiling, down rod, slope)


  • Bond smartphone app control (sold separately)
  • Perfect for large 20 x 20 ft modern-style rooms
  • Built-in LED light kit
  • Superior air circulation
  • Quiet operation
  • Slide-on bracket for easy installation
  • Light and speed control
  • Low price

Hampton Bay YG216-MWH Airflow Ceiling Fan

This white fan right here is all about the cottage style and reliable outdoor use (wet-rated fan construction). The 48″ Hampton Bay Roanoke can provide impressive 4440 CFM of airflow and features a low profile design with 5 reversible blades (13.5″-degree blade pitch).

The light of this fan is really pleasant to the eye – the kit includes a dome-style frosted glass turn-and-lock cover with two 9.5W light bulbs. The 3-speed motor is quiet and allows for reversible operation. There’s also a bracket set system which to boost the installation process (hardware included, close-to-ceiling installation only).

The speed of the fan is 185 RPM and the weight is only 23.6 lbs. Great quality/price ratio!


  • Dimensions – 48″ x 11.6″
  • Airflow – 4440 CFM
  • Speed – 185 RPM
  • Weight – 23.6 lbs
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Two 9.5W LED bulbs
  • 13.5-degree blade pitch
  • Hardware included
  • Flush mount only
  • UL-listed


  • Turn-and-lock glass cover for fast installation
  • Low profile design
  • Wet-rated for outdoor use
  • Perfect for large rooms and outdoor use (weather protection)
  • Enhanced air circulation
  • 2nd lowest price on the list

Hugger AL383LED-EB Airflow Ceiling Fan

This fan has the lowest price on the list, which is already quite alluring. There is no remote control, but we all have to get out of our comfort zones sometimes, so you can pull the chain! The airflow of this 52” fan is 3256 which is enough to circulate large amounts of air inside large or medium-sized rooms. You have 5 reversible hickory/espresso blades and a quiet powerful motor.

The dome-style light kit comes with a frosted opal glass cover and one 9W LED bulb. The Hugger is only to be installed close to the ceiling (flush mount only). It perfectly fits rooms with low ceilings. There’s also a video with clear installation instructions which we recommend you to check out in advance.

And don’t forget to turn off power at the breaker! The fan is available in Black, Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal, and White finish options.


  • Dimensions – 52″ x 11.8″
  • Weight – 13.7 lbs
  • Fan blade width – 5.6″
  • Fan blade length – 20.9″
  • 5 reversible blades
  • Airflow – 3256 CFM
  • Speed- 145 RPM
  • Multi-capacitor included
  • Pull chains included
  • Frosted opal glass
  • 9W LED bulb included
  • Flush mount only
  • Dry indoor use only


  • Effective and reliable motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Maximum airflow
  • Lowest price
  • UL-listed

Hampton Bay 52379 Airflow Ceiling Fan

And now, back to traditional design. The 52″ Southwind may become the perfect element of your home’s decor! This fan has a brushed nickel finish, 5 reversible cherry/maple blades, and a custom-designed glass bowl for spreading warm and ambient, soft light all across your rooms.

The ceiling fan comes with a handy remote control, 54″ lead wire, two 9.5W LED candelabra bulbs, and a 4.5″ down rod for suitable mounting. The airflow provided by this fan is 4087 CFM. The speed of the fan is 160 RPM. All the required hardware is included.

The Southwind is designed to provide quiet and wobble-free operation and circulate large amounts of air with the help of a powerful 3-speed motor and convenient remote control in large rooms of a house. The accurate installation process is quite easy due to the patented Accu-Arm technology.

Matte White and Venetian Bronze finish options are also available for purchase. This fan can surely complement your comfortable classic environment.


  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Dimensions – 52″ x 19.3″
  • Weight – 18.9 lbs
  • 5 reversible blades
  • Airflow – 4087 CFM
  • Speed – 160 RPM
  • Two 9.5W LED bulbs included
  • Remote control included
  • One 54″ lead wire included
  • One 4.5″ down rod included
  • Hardware included
  • Manual reverse function
  • For indoor use only


  • Custom-designed frosted glass bowl
  • Powerful 153 x 15 mm motor
  • Quiet and wobble-free operation
  • Patented Accu-Arm Technology for easy tri-mount installation.
  • Low price


There are many factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan: the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, whether the fan will include any light fixtures, as well as your personal style and finish preferences.

Pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Airflow (CFM). This is the maximum amount of air that a ceiling fan can move per minute at maximum speed. The devices with a blade speed of 2500+ CFM are considered effective. Among other indicators, this is the most important, more important than energy efficiency or speed (RPM).
  2. The motor must be sufficiently powerful, quiet, reversible, and warranty-backed (more than 15W).
  3. Materials. There are ceiling fans with blades made of wood and plastic. The first option may be more attractive in terms of aesthetics, but such fans can be expensive and require maintenance. Plastic blades are certainly cheaper to use, and their functionality is no worse than wooden models, so keep that in mind. The blades of indoor ceiling fans must be treated with a special solution to prevent moisture from entering inside the material, causing deformation and wobbling. Wet-rated outdoor models are typically rust and weather protected, though.
  4. A sign of a cheap, low-quality ceiling fan is a bamboo woven fabric blades or an imitation of the material made of cardboard or plastic. Ceiling fans with blades like those will absorb moisture, deform, wobble, and make noise. So make sure the blades are detachable to replace them in case of any failure or damage. Not all devices have removable blades.
  5. All metal components of a high-quality ceiling fan should be made of strong and durable metal with a high-quality galvanic coating.
  6. Fan mounting must have an anti-vibration design with shock absorbers. Otherwise, the fan will not bring joy but irritation from noise and wobbling.
  7. The blade pitch angle must be at least 12 degrees. Otherwise, the fan will not move the air efficiently.
  8. Additional features. Quality ceiling fans often include a variety of additional features that extend the scope of use. Integrated LED lights can be quite powerful which makes them suitable for basic room lighting. A humidity sensor includes a system for analyzing the humidity level in the room and triggering it automatically (if the level is too high). Thanks to such a sensor, you can monitor and maintain clean and healthy air in your home.

There are also fans with steam or smoke sensors which are automatically activated after you add hot water to your bath or take a quick hot shower. Many of these devices are typically sold with a remote control or even have voice control via the Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and various smartphone apps, which is convenient for controlling both basic and additional functions of the fan.

In addition to the parameters presented above, it is important to choose the right unit based on the size of the room. Two factors to consider – the room size and fan diameter.

  • Up to 100 sq. ft. rooms – bathrooms, closets, short hallways, laundry rooms which require powerful and efficient ventilation. However, the small area makes a large fan installation impossible, so it should be a small unit with a large blade span (29”, 36”, or 42” fan size).
  • Up to 225 sq. ft. rooms – kitchens, small bedrooms, or offices. Such rooms can accommodate a larger fan with a blade diameter of 52” or larger.
  • Up to 400 sq. ft. rooms – master bedrooms, dining rooms, and patios. Efficient and strong ventilation here is important. It can be provided by the fans with at least 56” blade diameter.
  • 529 sq. ft. rooms – large living rooms, great rooms, halls, and staircases. High-power ceiling fans with a large blade span (over 56”) are used here.

Keep in mind that the bigger the fan, the more noise it might create. It often makes sense to install a few smaller fans for quiet operation.

Do not buy ceiling fans that have a motor casing and blade holders made of thin metal – these fans have a rather weak and weak motor with a short lifespan, which results in poor efficiency and wasted money.


What is a good airflow for a ceiling fan?

Not less than 2500 CFM. The best CFM ranges from 4,000 to 6,000+.

How many CFM does a ceiling fan move?

It depends on the model. 75 CFM/Watt is considered the minimum efficient level (Energy Star requirements).

Do ceiling fans help circulate air?


What makes a ceiling fan powerful?

A powerful motor as well as the blade pitch which refers to the blade angle as they move through the air.

How many CFM do I need for a 12×12 room?

3500-4000 CFM.

Are 3 or 4 blade fans better?

No matter 3, 4, 5 or 7 blades, when talking about regular indoor ceiling fans, the result is the same. However, industrial ceiling fans, just as wind turbines, usually have 2 or 3 blades. Additional blades would slow them down and increase the drag on the motor, which results in wobbling.

Thus, with 2-3 blades such ceiling fans can go faster and move larger volumes of air. Plus, the noise is fairly quiet.

Which ceiling fan is best for cooling?

The one that has the best parameters e.g. has a powerful and reversible motor, the right blade angle, has a remote packed with all the features you need, and is made of high-quality materials.

What is the best quality ceiling fan?

Hunter ceiling fans are known to be of high-quality. A few more honorable mentions are Minka-Aire, Monte Carlo, and Harbor Breeze brands.

Should ceiling fans be left on all the time?

Most of the fans are designed to operate 24/7. So, theoretically, it’s OK to leave them running. But do you need to? Unless you have really poor air circulation at home, we wouldn’t recommend to leave it for the whole day (think about your electricity bills). Typically, you should turn your ceiling fan on when you are in the room.

Does a ceiling fan blade size matter?

Partially. Still, it’s more about the motor. If you have a small room, then short blades are better (compared to 52” fans) as they provide more direct airflow. The air volume is still determined by a motor, though – a motor of a ceiling fan with shorter blades will move more air than the same motor with larger blades.

Do ceiling fans use a lot of electricity?

No. Most ceiling fans run at 40-80W and will cost you around $0.006-$0.01 per hour at $0.12 per kWh.

How many degrees does a ceiling fan cool a room?

Ceiling fans are not air conditioners – they don’t cool air but distribute it in the room. However, actual 80F room temperature, with a running ceiling fan, will make you feel like it’s 72F. So it’s around 8-10 degrees down.


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