Sleeper Chairs – Buyer’s Guide!

Sleeper chairs can be the best place to take a nap when you need one. As a great way to make space in your home for guests and an excellent way to relax, sleeper chairs offer a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. But these days, how can you tell which ones will provide the best comfort for you in your home? Depending on what you are looking, I have decided to try out some of the best sleeper chairs available.

Whether you’re looking for a sleeper chair with less bang for the buck or something with a well-rounded cost to comfort ratio, then you’re in luck as I dive into the best sleeper chairs on the market.

List Of The Best Sleeper Chairs I Found:

HomCom 833-042HomCom 833-04241.5x73x10.5in
45.5x29.5x30.5inView on Amazon
Cortesi Home CH-LC103700Cortesi Home CH-LC10370034x78x10.5
View on Amazon
Stone & Beam 3693-40-LCL-SandStone & Beam 3693-40-LCL-Sand55.5x72x37.5in55.5x37x37.5inView on Amazon
Mainstays WM3350-SBMainstays WM3350-SB54x85.5x36in54x30.25x36inView on Amazon
Cortesi Home CH-LC103100Cortesi Home CH-LC10310034x78x10.5in34x36x31inView on Amazon
American Furniture Alliance 32-4300-607American Furniture Alliance 32-4300-60724x64x12in24x28.5x 23.5inView on Amazon
HomCom 833-040HomCom 833-04023.5x73x10in25.5x27x32.5inView on Amazon
Intex 68565EPIntex 68565EP43x86x26in43x30x26inView on Amazon
Best Choice Products SKY1814Best Choice Products SKY181428.5x81x4in38x28.5x22inView on Amazon
D&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeper ChairD&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeper Chair32x70x6in32x30x23inView on Amazon
Giantex HW54759CFGiantex HW54759CF26.5x72x31in26.5x39x31inView on Amazon
Giantex HW52445GRGiantex HW52445GR29x83x4.5in29x31.5x25inView on Amazon
D&D Futon Furniture NavyFB18lb63270D&D Futon Furniture NavyFB18lb6327032x70x6in32x30x23inView on Amazon
D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper ChairD&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper Chair32x70x6in32x30x23inView on Amazon
EURADESIGN Single ChairEURADESIGN Single Chair42.2x82.1x27.2in42.2x36.3x35.5inView on Amazon
Wakrays Folding Sleeper Flip ChairWakrays Folding Sleeper Flip Chair27.2x73.2x9.8in27.2x25.6x32.3inView on Amazon
Fun Furnishings 22232Fun Furnishings 2223225x48x20in25x25x20inView on Amazon
Kebo Lounge ChairKebo Lounge Chair31.5x38x14.5in31.5x32x29inView on Amazon


What is a Sleeper Chair?

Sleeper chairs, whether its a sofa chair or a sofa sleeper, all provide comfort in a compact frame, allowing people to have the maximum amount of support without much of the costs involved. Sofa beds, such as futons, are designed to lay out flat to form a foundation but don’t offer traditional mattresses. Sofa sleepers have a full mattress hidden in its frame which can be unfolded quickly.

In this review, we’ll be looking at a mixture of both sofa beds and sofa sleepers. Sofa beds serve as seating and sleeping space, offering just enough room to stretch out and relax. They are ideal for small rooms or studios, helping conserve space and money. Sofa sleepers are larger than sofa beds, can comfortably fit two people, offering versatility for tight spaces and design advances to make sofa sleepers appear as love seats and chairs.

Review of the Best Sleeper Chairs

1. HomCom Twin Size Folding 5 Position Steel Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair

Minimalist design, removable covers, and multiple levels of adjustable comfort, the HOMCOM sleeper bed is a high-quality, durable sleeper chair that’s sure to please.

With sturdy powder-coated steel frame to provide maximum support, it quickly converts from a chair to sleeper within a few minutes, providing guests with a comfortable place to relax and sleep.

Overall Opinion

A solid unit that’s easy to assemble, I found that this sleeper chair suited my needs for the time being. The mattress doesn’t contain any springs and comes with its comforter.

The most significant benefit I saw from this sleeper is its adaptability. In my opinion, it’s a good option for if you have a small space, such as a dorm or den.

I would argue that it is excellent for an office setting, especially in the lunch room where you and your coworkers need time to take a quick nap.


  • 5 Level Adjustable Settings
  • Faux Suede Material
  • Medium Density Foam
  • Powder covered steer frame
  • Includes Accent Pillows and detachable sofa covers
  • Overall dimensions: W: 49” D: 43” H: 10”

2. Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair Bed

Upholstered with black fabric, pewter metal frames, and simple to construct, the Savion convertible accent sleeper chair is a quick way of preparing for an unexpected guest. The twin sized comforter and fold-able mattress make it a smart purchase for those in need of something readily available.

Overall Opinion

The frame is easily fold-able and adjustable, allowing for ease of access for those who need a quick place to sleep. The mattress is built into the sleeper chair itself, which as far as comfort level can allow a person a decent amount of sleep throughout the night.

When switched from a chair to bed, the frame lays low to the ground, but its most significant benefits from the ease of which it can be converted back from a bed to chair.

I would argue that it is suitable for those who need a place to crash and don’t need much in the way of luxury. Nevertheless, I like this piece as an accent for a living room or sitting room.


  • Twin size
  • Steel metal frame
  • Easy to fold
  • Overall dimensions: W: 34” D: 36”H: 31”

3. Stone & Beam Kristin Loveseat

The Stone & Beam Kristin Love seat is a stylish take on the traditional love seat, offering soft fabric that easy to remove stains from, a solid wood frame for support, and is filled with poly Dacron foam for firmness.

The Kristin Love seat is mainly on the larger side in comparison to the previous two I mentioned, and can comfortably fit one person.

Overall Opinion

Having some of the most delightful upholstery I’ve seen from a love seat, it’s a quality piece of furniture that’s heavy, well-built, and still feels comfy like a couch.

When folded out as a bed, the twin size mattress can easily be covered by twin size sheets and allowed me to stretch out quickly.

I was able to relax when I slept on it, and I found that it matched my living room decor well. I could also sit next to my friend snug as a bug whenever I folded it back into a seat, and I would argue that if you’re looking to be close to your partner, this love seat will undoubtedly make you two closer.


  • 8-gauge spring support system
  • Solid-wood frame
  • Filled with poly Dacron foam
  • Overall dimensions: W: 85” D: 37.5” H: 42”

4. Alex’s New Sofa Sleeper Black Convertible Couch loveseat Chair Leather Bed Mattress

Contemporary and sleek, this sofa sleeper can provide guests with a comfortable seating spot and sleeping place for guest. Stain-resistant, thick padded, and comes with a thin mattress, this is the durable alternative to the fancy Kristin love seat but also small enough to fit into tighter spaces.

Overall Opinion

Assembling the love seat was easy enough, because it only had four pieces, and thus didn’t require much of the finicky screws that many sleeper chairs have with their frames. I loved the faux leather because it makes the material easy to clean and pretty much child-proof.

Attractive and functional, it’s a good piece of furniture to fill up that guest room. In terms of comfort, on the other hand, the sleeper chair comes with a thin mattress that you can adjust with memory foam for extra support. I would recommend this piece in terms of design and ease of assembly.


  • Faux Leather
  • Easy instructions
  • Plastic frame
  • Thick-padded seating
  • Overall dimensions: W: 54” D: 85.5” H: 36”

5. Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair-Bed

A fold-able accent chair that’s solid, firm, and adjustable, the Cortesi Savion Accent Chair makes sleeping over for a night a breeze. Simple in construction and warm in its design, the Cortesi comes with an accent pillow and can easily fit into corners without having to sacrifice much in the way of space, giving those who sleep on its privacy and comfort.

Overall Opinion

The Cortesi accent chair is another good option for office space. I found this Taupe sleeping chair to be a comfortable place to relax in and read a book or two. As a chair, the cushioning and firmness make the chair feel more like a small sofa, and as a folded out bed, it can fit a person on there easily without the requirement of messing with the mattress or its sheets. The taupe color brings a sense of warmth to the room, which is what I particularly enjoy about this piece of furniture.


  • Three angle conversion
  • Pewter Metal Frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 36” D: 34” H: 31”

6. American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Chair Sleeper Jr. Twin 24″

Soft velvet and bright colors define this piece as a highly contemporary piece, calling back to the 80s and 90s when neon color was all the rage. Instead of a frame, it’s composed of parts that can be laid out on the floor to make a fuzzy but firm bed for sleeping.

As one of the simplest assembly pieces on the market, for those who have kids, this will be a great addition to their rooms for sleepovers.

Overall Opinion

I was amused by the design of this sleeper chair, as it is a unique piece I’ve seen in a while. Considering its price point, it can make an excellent gift for a kid who’s wanting new furniture for their room.

It is also considerably long, so for those who need crash space, it will meet those need without much issue. I like this piece, in terms of its thin but durable fabric and decently soft cushion for comfort and relaxation on days when I want a space to myself.


  • Made in the USA
  • Double-stitched with a double overlapped seam
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall dimensions: W: 24” D: 12” H: 64.5”

7. HOMCOM 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair

HOMCOM’s sleeping chair makes any office or lounge area stylish, not messing with any mattresses or unnecessary details. Adjustable to five lengths and made with highly durable materials, this soft sleeping chair is minimal in design but luxurious in comfort.

Overall Opinion

One of the most notable differences about this design is the fact that the metal armrests count as part of the frame when folded down into a bed, providing extra support for your legs when sleeping. As a bed, its narrow bedding and faux suede material practically make it unnecessary for any twin size sheets or extra mattress foam.

As a good start for staging furniture, I would suggest this piece for those living in college dorms or small studio apartments which need starter furniture.


  • Five adjustable angles
  • Aluminum metal frame
  • Faux Suede Microfiber Fabric
  • Medium Density Foam
  • Metal Armrests
  • Removable Covers
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29” D: 24” H: 16”

8. Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress Sleeper

If you’re looking for a piece of temporary furniture that’s inexpensive and easy to store, then the Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress are just what you’re looking for when it comes to temporary sleeping furniture.

Lightweight in packaging and made with durable, waterproof vinyl and inflates with a two gauge system, the Intel sleeping chair makes furniture a cheap option without the cost of quality.

Overall Opinion

Unlike other chairs, this sleeping chair allows for ease of storage and set-up and can be used as an immediate alternative for those who need a place to sleep or relax without dedicating all their money and time into a piece of furniture. I found this piece to be supportive of my back and legs and probably the easiest to set up.

If you use your pump, you can inflate the furniture, unlike other options where you have to mess with frame pieces to put it together. It performs as expected and just like any inflatable mattress, it will last the whole night while you sleep.


  • 20.8 gauge top and 15 gauge bottom
  • 2-in-1 valve for inflating and deflating
  • Waterproof material
  • Folds compactly for storage
  • Lightweight at 4 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17” D: 9” H: 8”

9. Best Choice Products Convertible Sleeper Chair Bed

Made with suede fabric and has five adjustable positions, the Best Choice Sleeper Chair can be used for any occasion. No assembly is required with this sleeper chair, as it already has built-in frames and springs combined with soft foam to produce the best time relaxing.

Overall Opinion

Similar to the Alliance Children’s Sleeping Chair but without all the fancy bright colors, one of the most notable aspects of this sleeping chair is that it contains an internal metal frame. However, as I was laying on it, I didn’t notice the structure at first due to the soft, plush texture of the internal foam.

I did see, however, that the inside of the fabric has internal springs for support, which if you need help for your back can be a good option. When adjusting, I did not have to mess with any exterior latches because as I moved it, it would automatically lock into place.

Compact, lightweight, and soft to the touch, I’d highly recommend using this piece for areas of your home as a place of relaxation, such as gaming.


  • Suede fabric
  • Five adjustable positions
  • Built-in Frame
  • Built-in Springs
  • No Assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: W: 38” D: 22” H: 28.5”

10. D&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6 X 32 X 70

Want a sleeping chair with no metal frame? The D&D Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair provides a unique kind of comfort without the cost of time and money. Made with high-density foam that’s built to last longer, meet flammability standards, and can be placed anywhere.

Whether you’re setting up an RV space, outdoor patio, mobile home, or need some new furniture in your living room; this foam sleeping chair will provide what you need.

Overall Opinion

Quite similar to the Best Choice sleeper chair but without the internal framework, I’d argue that this sleeper chair is the most versatile out of the list. It’s foldable foam with a suede covering; this brings many benefits, especially for those who don’t wish to have a metal frame support due to medical reasons.

I particularly enjoy this piece of furniture, and I imagine it being used for when friends come over and play a long night-session of gaming.


  • 6” High-density foam
  • No metal frame
  • Suede Cover
  • Overall dimensions: W: 70” D: 32” H: 6”

11. Giantex 26.5″ Convertible Sofa Bed Folding Arm Chair Sleeper Leisure Recliner Lounge Couch

Simple designs with a warm, coffee color as an accent, Giantex ‘s sofa bed recliner is similar to HOMCOM’s sleeping chairs in its design and functionality, including the additional metal armrests. A notable difference in comparison is its back legs; it has wheels for adjusting the position of your sleeping chair!

Overall Opinion

Easy to assemble, I was excited to try out this piece, as I especially wanted to try out how the wheels worked when adjusting. It turns out the wheels help rotate the furniture at 360 degrees if you intend on changing the position throughout your home.

While it’s not a necessity, I found that aspect of the chair to be neat. As for its comfort level, I found it just as comparable to the HOMCOM’s sleeping chairs and would be suitable for a sitting room or living room.


  • Polyester removable cover
  • Steel frame w/ armrests
  • Sponge interior
  • Silent PP Wheels with brakes
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30.7” D: 26.6” H: 39.1”

12. Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair

This reclining lounger is made with ultra-suede fabric and has five adjustable positions. Filled with high-quality foam and held together by a metal spring frame, this alternative option from Giantex a more casual and laid-back experience.

Overall Opinion

One aspect of this chair I noticed is how close to the ground the sleeping chair is, which for kids can give them an excellent place to sit and play. However, if you don’t have back problems, this is a unique way to relax without having to put much effort into building or setting up the sleeping chair.

Although not my favorite, I would suggest this piece to those looking to fill up their room with other places to sit, especially for occasions such as parties or sleepovers.


  • Ultra-Suede Fabric
  • High-quality foam
  • Five adjustable positions
  • No assembly needed
  • Overall dimensions: W: 21.7” D: 28.3” H: 23”

13. D&D Futon Furniture Navy Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 6 X 32 X 70

Another excellent choice from D&D Futon Furniture, this navy sleeper chair offers the same benefits as the black version of their choice in sleeper chair, except for the change in color, of course.

High-density foam that’s made to last long and materials assembled to meet federal flammability standards, the D&D Futon Furniture sleeping chair offers much in the way of soft comfort without too much cost in your wallet.

Overall Opinion

Again, I enjoyed this sleeper chair as much as I did with the black one. With no hassle with the metal frame, the high-density foam provides a significant amount of support and is comfortable to lay on. It’s also the easiest to set up.

Wrapped in soft fabric for comfort, I would argue that D&D’s furniture is an excellent gift for kids looking for places to lounge that aren’t their bed.


  • Meets flammability standards
  • 6” High-density foam
  • Suede cover
  • No metal frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 70” D: 32” H: 6”

14. D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6 X 32 X 70

This sleeping chair lines up right alongside the color varieties of D&D Futon Furniture I’ve reviewed, offering lightweight, high-density foam to protect your body from touching the floor. Easy to fold, easy to store, this folding foam bed contains no metal frames, which bring ease of access to anyone who wishes to use it!

Overall Opinion

One other important aspect to note about the D&D Futon Furniture sleeping chairs is that they don’t lay too low to the ground unlike most that don’t have metal frames. The foam inside the chairs protects your body from touching the ground.

The grey color is a beautiful neutral tone that can be added to any room, but I would still argue that I like the Navy blue color the best out the three reviewed so far. However, I would also say that if you’re tall, note that your feet may hang a little. Still, it’s an excellent choice for kids.


  • 6” High-density foam
  • No metal frame
  • Suede covering
  • Overall dimensions: W: 70” D: 32” H: 6”

15. EURADESIGN Living Room Furniture Single Chair – Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Ideal for small spaces, this single sleeping chair is one that, while on the expensive side, provides plenty in terms of comfort and class. With the light shade of lake blue to brighten up your day, this pull-out chair comes with a large sleeping surface for a single person to sleep in and provides just as much cushion as any regular couch would.

Overall Opinion

The pull-out portion of this sleeping chair was smooth to open and close, and the metal framework inside the chair makes the sleeping sturdy and reliable. When I ordered this piece, it already came fully assembled, so I didn’t have to do all of the work!

It’s tiny enough to fit in the corners of your room without impacting the rest of your furniture, and it’s cozy enough to fall asleep in. The included mattress padding isn’t too hard or too soft, so if you want to add a foam mattress to it, you could!


  • 800 Lbs weight capacity
  • Metal framework
  • Soft suede cover
  • Overall dimensions: W: 42.9” D: 39” H: 28.3”

16. Wakrays Folding Sleeper Flip Chair Convertible Sofa Bed Lounge Couch Pillow 5 Position

Taking on the designs similar to HOMCOM and Giantex combines the aspects of the heavy metal frame with thick spongy comfort to give you a highly supportive experience sleeping and resting. With five positions to choose from, the Wakrays sleeping chair includes a removable cover for easy clean-up and a pillow for head support.

Overall Opinion

As mentioned, it is similar to HOMCOM and Giantex’s designs, with the added armrest as part of the metal frame structure, combining functionality with style. While resting on the chair, I found it to be a good option for those who have their private workspace and want a sleek sleeping chair for that mid-break moment between work.

I would also suggest this chair for overnight guests and as a place to read.


  • Faux Suede
  • Metal Frame
  • Sponge Foam interior
  • Overall dimensions: W: 25.6” D: 27.2” H: 32.3”

17. Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper, Red Micro Suede

Fun Furnishings created a fun-sized sleeping chair that can fit all the young toddlers out there. Similar to D&D Futon Furniture, this fold-able sleeper chair is furnished with red suede and doesn’t contain any metal frames, which means that this chair is practically child-proof!

With easy to clean covers and soft foam cushion, parents will be pleased that their child can have a resting place of their own in the house.

Overall Opinion

When I ordered this piece, it arrived already assembled. However, due to my age and size, I could not fit into the chair itself. I would recommend this chair for parents who are looking for colorful decorations for their toddler’s room. It will also be great for kid sleepovers.


  • Suede covering
  • Foam cushioning
  • Overall dimensions: W: 25” D: 25” H: 20”

18. Kebo Lounge Chair Chaise Multiple Positions for Sitting, Sleeping or Even as a Coffee Table

The Kebo design is the most unique out of the wide selection of sleeping chairs reviewed. With multiple positions to recline in, this minimalist lounge chair can easily be converted into a bed for anyone’s enjoyment. With soft microfabric as the cover and a dark wooden frame, the Kebo takes simplicity and makes a sleeping chair classy.

Overall Opinion

After ordering and relaxing on it for a bit, I would say that the design of the sleeping chair is simple but elegant. The cushion provides enough support, but I believe with a few added extra layers of foam and covering it with a sleek sheet will do the trick if you want to sleep there to be good.

As a chair, I would argue it’s great for a sitting room, especially when you have guests over for the night.


  • Microfiber covering
  • Wooden framework
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31.5” D: 32” H: 29”


How to Pick a Sleeper Chair

Depending on your needs, sleeper chairs can become a beautiful accent to your home. For long, restful nights sitting in front of the television, sleeper chairs provide a coziness that a bed doesn’t always afford. So, how do you choose one? The first step is to determine what size you need.

Dimension ranges can overlap depending on the manufacturer making the design, the mattress inside the sofa section, and the design itself. When looking at the size and dimensions, it best to measure out the space that you intend on placing your sleeper. Also, do some research on some of the top sleeper chair brands and look at the materials that they use to make their sleepers.

Looking up these factors will help you make the best decision regarding what you’re looking for in a sleeper chair.

My top-rated picks for the best sleeper chairs

These sleeping chairs all have features that make them unique, but it does depend on what you want. If you’re looking for one to suit your teenagers who need a new place to lounge, then the D&D Futon Furniture sets will work excellently without much in the way of costs.

It also has one of the most straightforward setup instructions among the list, so you won’t have to struggle with a metal frame.

If you need one to finish up your living room décor, then either Stone & Beam’s loveseat, Alex’s leather sofa sleeper, or Euradesign’s Lake color single chair pullout will all accommodate nicely as a well-purchased decoration in your home that all have both function and comfort.

For office furniture, I’d suggest HOMCOM’s, Giantex’s, or Kebo’s variety of sleeping chairs for those quick naps in between work. Again, it truly depends on what you need, and as for my favorite, I’d like to keep the Eurodesign single chair for myself if I could.

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  • Foldable sleeper chairs are amazing products; the one I presented to you are the best in their categories when considering small things such as reliability of the design, the ruggedness of materials, easy to maintain and clean, as well as durability of the framework and the opening and closing process.

    When you look for a sleeper chair, consider the surface it will sit upon, the dimensions you are constrained into and the person that will use it. In general, consider a model that will fit into the design of your home, can be used by many, and is easy and lightweight enough to be mobile, but rugged and solid enough to be reliable.

    Final thoughts consider the price as a very important base for your decision. These products tend to wear out very quickly, even when made of the best materials. They are also not really meant to replace a bed fully, and as such are for one nighter more than constant use. Consider buying one where you can replace the upholstery, sometimes a quick change of the upholstery is enough to provide a new looking sleeper chair that can last a lifetime.

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