Space Heaters for Drafty Room – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

When winter comes around, experiencing a draft is not the best way to enjoy the winter, at least in my opinion. I love winter because of the white snow, the coziness of home, and all the winter-themed foods and drinks.

However, due to some issues with insulation, I’ve been experiencing some cold spots throughout my home. Space heaters can help solve this issue, and I’m going to review a list of some of the best space heaters I found online and make my recommended choice on what’s the best space heater for homes.

List & Comparison of the Best Space Heater for Large Drafty Rooms:

DeLonghi HMP1500DeLonghi HMP1500750/1500 wattsMica panelView on Amazon
Dr Infrared Heater DR968Dr Infrared Heater DR9681000/1500 wattsInfraredView on Amazon
TRUSTECH GD9215BD6-JTRUSTECH GD9215BD6-J700/1500 wattsInfraredView on Amazon
Vornado EH1-0091-06Vornado EH1-0091-06750/1125/1500 wattsVortexView on Amazon
Lasko 6405Lasko 64051500 wattsOscillatingView on Amazon
Lasko 755320Lasko 7553201500 wattsCeramicView on Amazon
PELONIS NY1507-14APELONIS NY1507-14A900/1500 wattsOil-FilledView on Amazon

Review of the Best Space Heater for Large Drafty Rooms:

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

The Delonghi heater allows you to customize heating temperatures with an adjustable thermostat, choose from a low setting of 750 watts to a maximum of 1500 watts.

Containing a safety cut off feature, the Delonghi can be installed either mounted on the wall or moved around using its wheels, it can heat up to 300 square feet and is made with mica-thermionic technology to keep the heater silent throughout the day.

How It Works

The Delonghi panel heater runs on radiation; it transfers heat through close interaction with it. I had to move closer to feel the warmth and had to use a regular fan to try and spread the heat throughout the room.

It’s still quite powerful nevertheless, and the design of the heater is very sleek. Remarkably quiet, it works well in a large room if you have sufficient airflow. I found the Delonghi to be a powerful heater as it heated a lot of the room with the air fan I had next to it.


  • Self-regulating Thermostat
  • Mounting or Wheel option
  • Mica-Thermionic technology
  • Safety Cut Off Feature
  • Maximum of 1500 Watts
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27” D: 10” H: 22”

Dr Infrared Heater 1500-Watt

Classy looks combined with effective performance is what defines the Dr. Infrared space heater.

With advanced heating systems with a rate of 3.5m/s, delivering an average of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, it focuses on heating the objects surrounding it rather than the air itself, which can typically strip moisture out of the room.

Operating with four heating settings and automatically selects settings based off of the temperature of the room, the Dr. Infrared uses a 7-inch blower that uses high pressure to move air at a lower speed.

How It Works

Its retro design is what caught my attention at first, and when I tried it, it heated my room in less than 30 minutes without much trouble. Again, although I still prefer heaters with oscillating fans with them, I found this space heater to be unique in its technology.

Infrared heaters are known to be the safest heaters out of the collections of heaters on the market, and I’d recommend this kind of heater for those who have kids and don’t want the risk of their kids hurting themselves.


  • 4 heating settings
  • 7-inch heat blower
  • Heats up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Duel Heating System
  • Low noise level
  • Overall dimensions: W: 13” D: 11”H: 16”

Portable Space Heater – 1500W Electric Programmable Thermostat

TrusTech makes heaters more technologically advanced by providing touch screen settings, a remote control, and programmable thermostat.

This electric heater shuts off when tipped over, has an eco-friendly function for saving energy and money, and a timer function that allows it to program when it turns on and off within 12 hours.

Allowing you to schedule the heater at a specific time, it’s lightweight, allowing it to be easily carried from place to place and gives off heat as high as 1500 watts.

How It Works

It’s a very tiny machine that packs a lot of punch. Because of how small and lightweight it is, I had to make sure that my pets wouldn’t knock it over. Its digital setting is simple enough to operate, and the remote control functions at a significant enough distance that I don’t have to leave my couch for it to change temperatures. It reached a total of 67 degrees whenever I’d wake up, and when I’d change the temperature from medium to high, it’s get up to at least 72 degrees or more on frigid days.


  • Touch Screen Control
  • Maximum 1500 Watts
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Safety Shut Off Feature
  • Overall dimensions: W: 13.3” D: 7.4” H: 12.1”

Vornado MVH Space Heater

Made to heat the air at a more efficient rate, the Vornado Vortex heater runs off of wire-element, which is made to heat at a larger volume, containing three heat settings, and advanced safety features, including tip-over protection and a shutoff system.

How It Works

It’s extremely quiet – Like, I couldn’t tell whether or not it was on it’s so quiet. It’s a neat design as well and comes with an installed fan, which I appreciate a lot. I could place this heater on top of a desk and not have an issue with it.

It stays cool while operating and any time I accidentally knocked it over, it shut off before it hit the ground. However, due to its size, I’d say it can at least work for heating an office that doesn’t have access to sufficient heat.


  • Tip Over Safety Switch
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Lightweight
  • Overall dimensions: W: 9.2” D: 10.4” H: 10.6”

Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

Lasko makes heating a room efficient by creating a space heater using ceramic, functioning with oscillation of about 30 degrees, thermostat control, timers, and wireless remote control.

Its sleek design makes it fit in with home décor, and can heat a room of 340 square feet within half an hour and can go up to 1500 watts to ensure heat and has a cool-touch exterior for protection against skin burns.

How It Works

Although the ceramic look isn’t what I’d typically expect from a heater, I appreciate this design, as it fits perfectly into any homely looking décor without being a square metal box. While the electric component of the heater is simple, the timer button lasts up to 4 hours, which is a decent amount of time to get warm. Just be careful not to place it near curtains or anything flammable.


  • Assembled on Purchase
  • Built-in Timer
  • Sleek Design
  • Maximum 1500 Watts
  • Last up to 4 hours
  • Overall dimensions: W: 7.7” D: 7.2” H: 16.2”

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

Alongside the ceramic option, Lasko does not limit itself to just archaic designs. With a digital setting, the Lasko Ceramic Space Heater with a metal exterior provides a more modern take on their ceramic-infused technology.

Heating up to 1500 watts with four setting options, it has a built-in adjustable thermostat, timer, and remote control for ease of use.

How It Works

It heats up quickly, but one thing I noticed about this design in comparison to the other Lasko heater is that the outside cover isn’t as well cooled, meaning that the radiator heats up quickly, but you have to be careful about it touching anything flammable.

It’s a bit hot to touch, but I would argue that it works for small rooms such as bathrooms or backrooms. It’s osculation movements are gentle, and the cord itself is long enough for it to be attached to any nearby plug port. It still makes some noise, but it lets you know its working.


  • Maximum 1500 watts
  • 2 Quiet Setting Options
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Lasts up to 8 hours
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • Overall dimensions: W: 7.2” D: 8.6” H: 23”

PELONIS Electric 1500W Portable Oil Space Heater

The Pelonis, another advanced tech company for great space heaters, comes with advanced options for temperature setting and power settings to grant people the ability to control their heater fully.

With caster wheels for portability, noise-free, and oil-filled, this radiant heater is made to heat family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and basements.

How It Works

Allowing you to choose in 5-degree increments, the Pelonis heater is larger than I expected it to be.

After reviewing such tiny space heaters for a bit, this last one surprised me. It’s an oil radiator heater, so when I started it up, there was some smell coming from the heater, but I expect that since it’s brand new, and while I found it harder to move around, I found that it’s quite powerful at heating a room.

It mostly works for larger rooms, so when I got this, I tried using it in my family room, and it heats just nicely.


  • Noise-Free
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Swivel Caster Wheels
  • Maximum 1500 Watts
  • Overall dimensions: W: 13.8” D: 11” H: 25.2”


What is a Space Heater?

Space Heaters are small devices used to heat a single small area. Powered by electricity or fuel such as propane or gas, they’re usually portable. They’re different kinds of space heaters depending on the type of power they operate on.

Heaters such as convection, infrared, and heat pumped rely on electricity to function. Convection is typically the most popular and can come with osculating fans to distribute warmth to the room.

Radiators rely on radiation and can also make for more suitable warmth for those who don’t want the air warm but rather their bodies. They’re typically made of ceramic, mica, quartz, or metal reflectors to insulate heat.

Heat pumps are used in refrigerators and move the location of the heat from outside a room to inside.

How to Choose the Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Rooms

When looking around for a space heater, there’s a lot to consider. I have no problem with space heaters, but many times, because I live in a much colder area, I’d need to heat my room quick and fast.

Some attributes to consider are safety, size, power, installation type, mode of operation, and heater type.

Is there an automatic switch-off function included with the heater? How much of a room do you need heating? Do you need one that operates automatically? Should the heater be a permanent installation or one that you can easily transport? Would you rather have a conventional heater than a radiator?

These are all questions and considerations to ponder over, and I’d want a heater that’s powerful enough to heat long term, can heat a significant amount of space and has an automatic shut-off function for protection against fires.


My Top Choices for the Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Rooms

Out of the total I’ve reviewed in this collection of space heaters, I mainly found that the Delonghi was the most efficient heater because it heated the rooms I placed it in the quickest.

I liked its design, I found it easy to move around, and I didn’t encounter any problems with it other than preference. I’ve also enjoyed the Lasko ceramic heater for its design as well, even if the mechanics inside of it are simple.

I love the ceramic look of the Lasko space heater, also if it isn’t as powerful as the Delonghi or Dr. Infrared. Dr. Infrared though is my second best choice due to its sleek, retro design and heating capabilities.

The Vornado would be better used for offices, so I’d recommend this one as a temporary solution to a heating problem. Nevertheless, all of them work well, but it depends on what the space of your room for it to be able to fully, thoroughly heat your home without any issues.

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