Best Magnetic Resistance Spin Bikes – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

If you want to lose weight, you can start by cycling at home – no need to check out the weather or oil your bike chain – your workout machine is always ready to go!

With all-new brands occurring on the market, getting the right spin bike can be quite challenging. So we thought some valuable insight on the best bike models could be helpful.

List & Comparison of the Best Magnetic Spin Bikes

Sunny Health & Fitness F-B1805Sunny Health & Fitness F-B1805300 lbs44 lb flywheelView on Amazon
EFITMENT IC031EFITMENT IC031275 lbs40 lb flywheelView on Amazon
MaxKare Magnetic Exercise BikesMaxKare Magnetic Exercise Bikes300 lbs40 lb flywheelView on Amazon
Schwinn 100718Schwinn 100718250 lbs40 lb flywheelView on Amazon
Keiser M3iKeiser M3i350 lbsThe Poly-V beltView on Amazon
Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 BikeEchelon Smart Connect EX-3 Bike300 lbs28.7 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
Diamondback Fitness 1260ScDiamondback Fitness 1260Sc300 lbs31 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
Sole SB900-2014Sole SB900-2014300 lbs48 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
Schwinn Fitness AC PERFORMANCE PLUS 9-7320Schwinn Fitness AC PERFORMANCE PLUS 9-7320350 lbs37 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
NordicTrack NTEX02117NBNordicTrack NTEX02117NB350 lbs27.7 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
L-NOW pooboo D501 Indoor Cycling BikeL-NOW pooboo D501 Indoor Cycling Bike440 lbs35 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
NOHrD BikeNOHrD Bike440 lbs11.02 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
Life Fitness GEC-ALLXX-01CLife Fitness GEC-ALLXX-01C400 lbs45 lbs flywheelView on Amazon
Flywheel Sports AH-FWC50102Flywheel Sports AH-FWC50102330 lbsPly V beltView on Amazon
Kettler Racer 7Kettler Racer 7308,6 lbs15.4 lbs flywheelView on Amazon

You can get access to daily home exercises and save money/time you spend on gyms. Now, that’s convenient! But how can you find the right exercise bike? Before we get into details, here are the top 5 spin bikes for your consideration.

Review of the Best Magnetic Spin Bikes:

Sunny Health & Fitness F-B1805 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

This spin bike features a heavy-duty flywheel with a belt drive mechanism and micro-adjustable resistance for a smooth and consistent ride. What’s even more satisfying in this model is that you don’t have to bear with noises of the flywheel as there are none.

This model is quite affordable and is a top choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly spin bike. You will appreciate the lightweight 4-way adjustable seat and sweat-resistant handlebars that make spinning effortless and convenient. Works for all user levels so you can adjust this machine to meet your standards, no matter how good you are at cycling.

The seat cushion is adjustable, too, which makes it ideal for both short and tall users.

SF-B1805 allows you to enjoy spinning while demanding virtually no maintenance. It has a high-quality steel frame for improved durability and robust casters for easy transportation. You can also find holders both for your water bottle and media device that are mounted directly on the steel handlebars.

Then there’s also an emergency stop brake for your safety, in case you pedal too fast. Note that it also has toe-caged adjustable strap pedals to keep your feet in place securely.

You can easily make your cardio exercises more exciting with this customizable cycling machine. So pedal to your perfection!


  • Heavy-duty flywheel
  • Steel frame
  • Bottle and device holders
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Micro-adjustable resistance
  • 44 lb heavy-duty flywheel
  • 2 transportation wheels
  • Adjustable toe-caged strap pedals (steel)
  • Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48″(L) x 23″(W) x 45″(H)


  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Compact portable design
  • Silent cycling
  • Stability
  • Fully customizable

EFITMENT IC031 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike


This model has a digital monitor for your convenience. You can record your progress statistics and keep track of the time, speed, distance, burned calories, and your pulse. ICO31 also has a thick comfortable plush seat, 40-lbs chrome flywheel with adjustable resistance, and reliable pedals. Anyone who is looking for a cost-saving model will appreciate the sturdy build of this spin bike.

Besides, there is also a water bottle holder to deal with your thirst and a device holder to help you stay motivated while watching cool fitness videos as you cut those extra pounds. You will appreciate vertical and horizontal adjustments that allow you to customize your cycling workouts the way you need them.

And, oh yeah. No special footwear is required for the adjustable caged pedals.


  • Device and bottle holder
  • Digital fitness monitor (time, speed, distance, calories, pulse)
  • Adjustable extra-plush seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 40-lbs chrome flywheel
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable toe-caged strap pedals
  • Push-down brake
  • Dimensions – 41″(L) x 21.26″(W) x 47″(H)
  • Capacity – 275b lbs
  • Weight – 104 lbs


  • Digital fitness monitor
  • Pulse grips
  • Comfort and safety
  • Recording statistics opportunity
  • Quiet belt-drive system
  • Maintenance-free

MaxKare Magnetic Exercise Bikes

MaxKare Magnetic Exercise Bikes

Another great budget-friendly spin bike! If you want to increase the efficiency during your cycling workouts, how about investing in this machine? It features a high-quality build with a silent magnetic resistance, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride.

The handlebars with a pulse grip sensor and LCD monitor are fully horizontally and vertically adjustable as well as the tick-padded large seat. Besides, you can also find the tension knob to increase/decrease the resistance, or push it in case of emergency to safely stop the pedal rotation.

Additionally, there is an LCD monitor that allows you to track your stats and improve your experience. You can see the workout time, distance, speed, etc., which gives you the full picture of your progress. This spin bike can hold up to two hundred and sixty-four pounds and is ideal for all fitness levels.


  • Heavy-duty triangle-type steel frame
  • LCD monitor
  • Tablet/phone holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Adjustable workout tension levels
  • Transport wheels
  • Caged pedals
  • Emergency brake system
  • Pulse grips
  • Capacity – 264 lbs
  • Dimensions – 42.3″(L) x 35.4″(H) x 7.7″(W)


  • Durability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Adjustable tension knob
  • Quiet operation
  • Customizable design
  • Thick padded seating

Schwinn 100718 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Schwinn 100718

This durable machine is your savior in lousy weather and an every-day assistant on your way to getting a better shape at home! IC3 is perfect for inside workouts and high-intensity cycling with reduced impact. Infinite resistance levels are at your service! You can stay hydrated by sipping from the water bottle right beside you in the oversized bottle holder.

You can keep yourself inspired and watch cool fitness vids on your phone/iPad which is securely fixed in the media device holder. This spin bike also has an LCD console to keep track of all your workout progress, including time, distance, RPMs, etc.

Moreover, it has an adjustable (horizontal/vertical) race-style seat and padded handlebars for your comfort during the long or intensive ride. Then there are also dual SPD pedals that provide flexibility with regular toe-cages or SPD clips. You choose what’s best for you! Schwinn is for the good life!


  • 40-lbs flywheel
  • Dual SPD caged pedals with clips
  • Race-style adjustable seat
  • Urethane-dipped multi-position handlebars
  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • Media holder
  • XL bottle holder
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Dimensions – 45″ x 22.8″ x 49″
  • Weight – 83 lbs
  • Capacity – 300 lbs


  • Silent belt drive
  • Variable resistance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy-to-adjust foot pedals
  • Smooth and even resistance

Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Keiser M3i

This spin bike has a one-of-a-kind V-shape frame to mimic various bike frames with letting you adjust the seat or handlebars for the perfect fit, even if you’re 7″ tall. You can keep track of your progress by installing the Keiser M Series app on your phone and cycle with real-time graphs for heart rate, power, FTP zones, etc.

You can expect quiet operation and fully-controlled workouts that feature 24 magnetic resistance levels. All in all, it’s a durable and simple cycling machine that needs almost no maintenance (wipe your sweat effortlessly due to rare-wheel design that implies rust protection) that is made in the U.S. Yes, it’s the only true American indoor spin bike!


  • Versatile media holder
  • Stretch pads
  • Floor mat
  • Poly-V belt for smooth operation
  • 2 wheels
  • Exclusive durable V-shape frame
  • 4-way adjustable seat/handlebars
  • Water bottle holder
  • M3i digital display
  • Magnetic-resistance technology
  • Bluetooth wireless signal
  • Dimensions – 45″(H) x 26″(W) x 49″(L)
  • Weight – 85 lbs


  • Unique V-shape frame design
  • High durability
  • Revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedals
  • Designed to fit all riders
  • Interactive cycling
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Various compatible apps (Bkool, GOInd, Spivi, etc)

Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The EX-3 Smart Connect Magnetic Resistance Bike from Echelon is going to take you to another level! It has all you need and even more than that. It’s lightweight, quiet, sturdy, compact and it’s really easy to set up and use. This model features a new modified motor and an easy-to-use resistance knob for smooth magnetic resistance which has 32 levels.

Then there are also clip-in SPD-compatible cage pedals, ergonomic height-adjustable handlebars (9 levels) for a perfect grip, comfortable height-adjustable (17 levels) and horizontal-adjustable (7 levels) seat with 0.6″/0.5″ movement per level. The EX-3 model also comes with an all-new handheld slide rack and 2 dumbells (2 lb each) to enhance your workouts and make them more intensive.

Then there’s also a 14-day trial, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your cycling experience.

You can expect a glorious user-friendly experience thanks to various interactive features. The EX-3 bike features an adjustable console (flips 180 degrees) and Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to the Echelon Fit App (Android/iOS) you will never pedal alone again! Go for a ride with other cyclists!

The device features more than 1500 on-demand rides, Zumba, Strength, Barre, Yoga classes, and other exercises, training programs, and a big variety of workouts. Ride with other owners all over the world with comfort at home and enjoy the progress. Workout properly with more than 30 certified instructors from Chattanooga, TN and stay motivated every day! Achieve great results and reach new levels!

Black/Red color scheme is available for purchase as well.


  • Q-factor – 8″
  • Input/output – 100-250V, 50/60Hz, 0.8AMax / 9V (3A)
  • Footprint – 37.4″(L) x 19.9″(W)
  • Flywheel weight – 28.7 lbs
  • 2x 2lb dumbells
  • Weight – 105 lbs
  • Weight limit – 300 lbs
  • Magnetic resistance – 1-32 levels (features adjustment knob)
  • Dimensions – 48.8″ x 19.9″ x 43.7″ (low seat) 54.3″ x 19.9″ x 54.9″ (high seat)


  • Amazing user-friendly experience
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and compact triangular tubing design
  • Easy to set up
  • Bluetooth function
  • LCD inverts 180 degrees
  • Great interactive fitness features
  • Echelon Fit App feature (live rides with cyclists all over the world, over 1,500 on-demand rides)
  • Zumba, Barre, Strength, Yoga, and other classes available
  • High Energy live classes
  • More than 30 expert trainers as well as celebrity coaches
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance
  • Clip-in toe-cage pedals (SPD-compatible)
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Comfortable race seat
  • A new handheld rack on a seat slide
  • Modified motor for ultimate resistance
  • 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Height-adjustable (9 levels, 0.6″ per level) handlebars
  • Height- (17 levels, 0.6″ per level) and forward/backward- (7 levels, 0.5″ per level) lever-adjustable seat
  • 14-day free trial
  • Expert customer service
  • 100% refund

Diamondback Fitness 1260Sc Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

If you are serious about your health and want to have a beautiful tight shape, the Diamondback 1260Sc with vertical fit is a perfect appliance to make your dreams come true. This training machine is an award-winning exercise bike family representative that will help you achieve maximum results in a matter of days.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, contemporary pleasant design, and various tracking features, this bike is simply a must-have not only for use at home but also outside (the 1260Sc features independent autonomous power – no need for electric plugs or cords – pedal on it outside on your patio or in your backyard if you want). It is designed to be perfectly adjusted to everyone’s needs. The design is well-thought-out and easily adaptive to fit any user.

You can adjust the seat and handlebar angle to set the most comfortable riding position and use different driving styles in your exercises. This will give you the feeling of a real highway ride without any interruptions during the off-season.

Training with the Diamondback 1260Sc not only helps you stay in shape but also keeps you safe from accidental injury. Thanks to the smooth motion system and infinitely variable braking, your workout will not damage your joints or ankles. Fixed strap pedals will give you a safe and stable position during the ride, but you can also use SPD pedals as well.

The Diamondback 1260Sc is not just a professional training machine, it’s also an effective individual assistant. Built-in grip sensors help the onboard computer to keep track and save your heart rate, and you can easily adjust the intensity of your cycling workouts right in the process.

The digital device also displays your workout progress including WATT output, calories, distance, RPM, time, and load. All this data is displayed on the monitor in front of you, so you can always see your results and achievements.

This model has no built-in software but comes with a WATT trainer. Set your WATT goal according to your level and tasks, and the console will help you achieve it. Moderate loads to keep your body toned or intense workouts to get rid of accumulated fat deposits – it’s all in your hands and under your buttocks! Daily training on this bike machine will make your activities more varied, enjoyable, and effective.

The 1260Sc is truly capable of making your training sessions not only useful but also interesting and enjoyable.

It has a reverse pedaling feature, a high-density foam seat with additional cushioning (removable seat – you can also use your seat if you want), a spring support frame, integrated water bottle holder, 2 heavy-duty casters, a convenient easy-lift handle for effortless transportation, sturdy reliable 3-piece crank for ultimate pedaling, ANT+ or BLE FTMS compatible (Android/iOS) to get the data you need, durable 31-lbs flywheel, 16 levels of magnetic resistance, and a belt-driven system.

Everything to make you feel comfortable and motivated. Make your cycling workouts even more entertaining and dynamic, get real pleasure at home!


  • Dimensions – 59″(L) x 23″(W) x 50″(H)
  • Weight – 130 lbs
  • Weight limit – 300 lbs
  • User height – 5’2″ – 6’5″
  • Flywheel weight – 31 lbs
  • Belt-driven system
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance


  • Award-winning exercise bike family representative
  • Durable flywheel (Click & Adjust dual magnetic resistance system)
  • Custom seat height and positioning
  • Custom multi-position handlebars, height/position adjustable
  • Independent autonomous power (no need for an electric plug or wires) Pedal on it outside if you want
  • Digital console to track/save your workout progress including WATT output, calories, distance, RPM, time, load, and heart rate.
  • Clipless SPD pedals or standard pedals options
  • Reverse pedaling feature
  • High-density foam seat with additional cushioning (removable seat – you can use your own seat if you want)
  • Spring support frame
  • Integrated water bottle holder and storage box
  • Heavy-duty casters and convenient easy-lift handle for transportation
  • Sturdy reliable 3-piece crank for an ultimate pedaling
  • ANT+ or BLE FTMS compatible (Android/iOS)
  • No monthly subscriptions

Sole SB900-2014 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The SB900 is an enhanced version of the SB700 which offers a new level of training. It is designed for intensive cycling both at home or at the gym. In addition to excellent performance and comfortable ergonomics, it combines a high level of comfort and amazing riding experience. Adjustable seat and handlebars with vertical and horizontal settings allow the user to set them right for the perfect workout.

Plus, you have a tablet holder to watch some motivating videos, a water bottle holder for staying hydrated during your training sessions, and 2 durable casters for easy transportation.

The training machine can be equipped with both classic clips and SPD pedals. The rugged, chrome-plated 48 lbs flywheel and Eddy Current magnetic resistance system ensure an ultimately quiet and smooth ride and effective load. This spin bike’s frame is reliable for real and includes steel tubing and aluminum shroud (weight capacity – 300 lbs).

The integrated 3″ x 4″ digital console displays the number of pedal rotations per minute, RMP, time, kCal, distance traveled, and time spent. Also, the model is compatible with a wireless heart rate monitor belt, which allows you to control a comfortable heart rate zone and achieve results more efficiently.


  • Dimensions – 42″(H) x 40″(L) x 21″(W)
  • Weight – 160 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 300 lbs
  • Flywheel weight – 48 lbs
  • Sear/handlebars adjustment – vertical/horizontal
  • SPD/Clip pedals
  • Eddy Current Magnetic resistance
  • 1 water bottle holder
  • 1 tablet holder
  • 2 heavy-duty casters
  • Workout LCD screen – 3″ x 4″


  • Incredible workout experience
  • Durable frame
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact design
  • Quiet operation (smooth magnetic resistance)
  • Adjustable seat/handlebars (vertical/horizontal)
  • Easy-to-switch resistance and gears
  • LCD display for tracking the progress
  • Real-time data monitoring (heart rate, RPM, time, kCal, distance, speed, etc.)
  • Great quality/price ratio

Schwinn Fitness AC PERFORMANCE PLUS 9-7320 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus spin bike represents a perfect simulation of cycling, helping to activate and pump leg/press muscles, which results in better shape. The absence of a digital display in this cycling machine’s design is compensated by even more durable and reliable construction than other models in the range.

The Schwinn’s spin bike has one of the most reliable frames on the market – both the frame itself and all the components are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, resulting in up to 350 lbs user weight capacity and lighter construction parameters (22 lbs lighter construction than its competitors).

The machine uses a magnetic resistance system with 6 levels of resistance adjustment. An optional tracking sensor with an accuracy of 1.5% is also available for purchase. Includes Carbon Blue technology belt drive, Performance Plus multiposition handlebars for more precise user positioning, and Schwinn Fit System for ultimate seat/handlebar adjustment and maximum comfort.

The 37 lbs flywheel does not touch the brake system (virtual contact resistance) to prevent premature wear off. The cycling machine weighs 112 lbs and occupies little space (51″ (H) x 21″ (W) x 50″ (L)).

The spin bike Performance Plus handlebar meets all user needs in terms of comfort and performance. Magnetic resistance adjustment ensures smooth and precise control. Suitable user height ranges from 4’11” to 6’8″. Triple Link pedals are compatible for use with Look Delta and SPD contact mounts or standard Double Link pedals (a combination of SPD and two-clip mounts).

The cycling machine also allows gym and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy excellent cardio training, warm up muscles before power training, get in better shape, i.e. tighten buttocks and hips, gain slim legs and beautiful calf muscles by using various levels of intensity. Athletes can also change the angle of platform pedals from 0 to 10%. Moreover, the Schwinn elliptical track will not be heard by others as it has a quiet and powerful front-driven flywheel.


  • Dimensions – 50″(L) x 21″(W) x 51″(H)
  • Weight – 112 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • User height – 4’11” to 6’8″
  • Flywheel weight – 37 lbs
  • No display


  • Ergonomic design
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatility and durability
  • Quiet, smooth magnetic resistance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Carbon Blue technology belt drive
  • Double-link pedals (SPD/toe-clip)
  • 12-degree incline for multiple rider positions
  • Easy to use and adjust

NordicTrack NTEX02117NB Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

NordicTrack is a famous US brand that made people talk about itself more than 20 years ago. Since 1999, the brand became part of the ICON Health & Fitness company. Thanks to this, the company has managed to become one of the five leading manufacturers in the world. It was quite a challenge though. From the very beginning, the company was engaged in sportswear manufacturing.

It was after that that it switched to producing exercise machines, which helped to achieve such fame.

If you have your sports machine at home, there is no excuse to miss training. This way you can keep your muscular system in tone, as well as strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of your body. Such a pleasant set is provided by modern vertical training machines produced by Nordic Track.

The S15i is a universal version suitable for athletes regardless of their level of training, gender, or age. If you need a unit that can be used by the whole family without changing your training program, then you have found it.

The cycling machine has many features and programs that can be adapted to the needs of any user. This is a really good deal, so have no doubts! The S15i features a wide 14″ HD full-color display to show/track/save your progress and data, e.g. calories burned, resistance level, WATTS, distance, heart rate, RPM, time, and speed. The maximum load weight is also quite impressive and measures 350 lbs.

The dashboard of the machine offers LIVE interactions, which means you can choose the most effective training and expand your horizons, as well as choose any of the 22 presented levels of magnetic resistance. Depending on your goals, you can expand your training plan and get visible results in a friendly company of professional iFit instructors and other cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. And that’s not all of it!

The vertical cycling machine makes it easy to track your settings and use on-demand iFit workouts on the digital display that can rotate 360 degrees. You will be able to track your sporting achievements and save statistics to measure your progress promptly. You will know the exact intensity, speed, and specifics of the chosen program.

Whether it’s a quiet home warm-up or an intensive pro workout – it’s up to you! The machine also has two 3lb dumbells in front of you for cross-training sessions and upper-body workouts.

Provide yourself with real comfort! The engineers at Nordic Track have thought out each step, so the design features are maximally oriented towards human biomechanics. To ensure the correct body position, the comfortable padded seat is ergonomically shaped. You can adjust it horizontally and vertically and adjust it to your needs.

As for the handlebars, they also come in a special shape and ideal position, but can also be adjusted vertically so that your hands are not overstressed and in the right position.

The machine is optimally designed to perform exercises at home and can also be installed in an apartment, gym, or other premises. Additional transportation casters help move the product from room to room, wherever you are practicing. Rubberized levelers compensate for irregularities and unevenness. Therefore, without additional engineering work, you can install the equipment at any location you choose.

To make your workouts more comfortable, the frame has a special bottle holder. This way you can always refresh yourself without interrupting your workout. Enjoy the purchase and your success!


  • Dimensions – 55.75”(H) x 22”(W) x 61”(L)
  • User weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • Weight – 185 lbs
  • 22 magnetic resistance levels
  • Two 3lb dumbells
  • Two heavy-duty casters
  • Bottle holder
  • Adjustment knob
  • 14″ display


  • Smooth and quiet workouts
  • Compact and portable design
  • From -10% to 20% incline/decline control
  • Live interactive training (expert instructors and cycling with other owners around the world)
  • Tilting HD full-color touchscreen LCD monitor (360-degree rotation)
  • Displays calories burned, resistance level, WATTS, distance, heart rate, RPM, time, and speed
  • Adjustable ergonomic padded seat (4-way) and multi-grip handlebars (2-way)
  • Transport casters on the base
  • Upper-body workouts
  • Rubberized levelers
  • AutoBreeze workout fan feature
  • Regular bike seat/pedals compatible
  • OneTouch Control panel
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel (Silent Magnetic Resistance technology)

L-NOW pooboo D501 Indoor Cycling Bike

This popular “sunny” indoor cycling machine brings convenience and comfort in your every-day training sessions. The D501 comes with a solid 35 lb flywheel for strengthening your leg muscles and providing an incredibly smooth ride every time. The frame of this model is more durable than any of the bike frames on the list – it can hold up to 440 lbs of user weight and is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Both handlebars and the seat are 4-way adjustable for better convenience and proper posture of the user. You can use the machine on your own or share it with your family members for efficient and comfortable training sessions. The D501 also features reliable toe-cage pedals with SPD clips option, so you can choose the way you want to ride with no problems.

L-NOW bikes have gained much popularity since 2016 – all due to their durable design and low price. The commercial D501 cycling bike can also boast with durable rust-proof crankshafts which allow for increased user weight capacity and an adjustable resistance knob that you can twist to increase/decrease resistance level or press it for emergency braking, which results in better safety.

The unit also comes with two bottle holders on the handlebars and two dumbells behind the saddle for additional upper body workouts. The comfortable seat is produced in a special design and stuffed with high-quality sponges for better comfort, shock absorption, breathability, and heat distribution.


  • Dimensions – 50″(L) x 21″(W) x 48″(H)
  • Weight – 136 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 440 lbs
  • Flywheel weight – 35 lbs
  • 2 water bottle holders
  • 2 dumbells
  • Belt-drive mechanism


  • Easy or no maintenance
  • Durability and compact design
  • Steel frame supports up to 440 lbs
  • Two 3-lb dumbells included
  • Durable rust-proof crankshafts
  • 4-way adjustable breathable seat and handlebars
  • Toe-caged pedals with adjustable straps and SPD clips
  • Transportation casters for mobility
  • Emergency stop brake for increased safety
  • 2 water bottle holders for proper hydration
  • Micro-adjustable magnetic resistance to fit each preference

NOHrD Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The NOHrD Bike is a cycling machine that features an innovative, aesthetic design to meet the highest requirements of functionality. The mechanism is completely concealed in the frame base structure which combines wood and steel. The bike has an incredibly robust construction and is perfect both for fitness clubs and home use.

The NOHrD Black Bike has a minimalist design typical of sports bikes, clear and expressive outlines, and elegant appearance. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity of training in both vertical and racing positions. The ability to adjust the handlebar angle also allows using various grip options.

The machine is assembled using only high-tech components including an innovative gearbox, wear-resistant eddy current braking system, which guarantees exceptional durability. The pedal stroke resistance is smooth and can be adjusted by a variable-speed drive.

The compact design of NOHrD Bike has good stability and perfect dimensions – this bike will easily fit into any interior, requiring only 4.74 square inches for placement. The rubberized casters provide easy transportation and floor safety.

The mobile app is also a great bonus to use. A specially designed application logs your workout data and transmits it to your tablet, allowing you to accurately track and analyze your workout performance. Simply place the gadget in a practical and reliable holder (sold separately) for viewing stats during your workout. Don’t want to use the tablet? No problem – just fold the tablet holder, which can be an especially useful feature for intense workouts.

The NOHrD Bike is available in classic hardwood colors. High-quality oak, ash, cherry, and walnut are used for frame production. Metal parts are made of powder steel and electropolished stainless steel. Moreover, you can also purchase a special support tray for your laptop, back support, or an alternative saddle separately.


  • Dimensions – 46″-51.6″(H) x 44.5″-49″(L) x 23.6″(W)
  • Weight – 132 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 440 lbs
  • Height range – 63″ – 78.7″
  • Seat angle – 30 degrees
  • Bottle holder included
  • Material – hardwood, steel


  • Simple and durable design
  • Reliable magnetic brake technology
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Variable pedal stroke
  • Virtual ride experience
  • Exercise App feature
  • Univeral seat bracket
  • Integrated USB charger and a battery pack
  • Rubber casters for easy transportation

Life Fitness GEC-ALLXX-01C Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Life Fitness, the creator of the legendary Lifecycle, introduces the new Lifecycle GX. At the heart of this cycling machine, there is full of compliance with human biomechanics and thorough testing to ensure training comfort and efficiency. On top of that, the smart design of the cycling bike guarantees its long lifespan.

This bike has revolutionized group cycling. Based on in-depth research by the team of biomechanics specialists, Life Fitness has developed a product that sets new standards for the class.

The new Lifecycle GX combines all the requirements of the industry with a progressive design featuring a rear flywheel that provides a natural cycling experience. The special device is virtually maintenance-free even in the most intensive use.

The unit features a steel frame for robotic welding, galvanized steel coating, and plastic covers to provide reliable frame/mechanisms protection against dirt, sweat, and water. The sturdy urethane leg pads help stretch the calves properly. The reinforced front structure provides a large support surface for stretching the rear thigh area.

The high-precision brake lever allows users to select and use the bike computer to return to a set resistance level again and again. The multi-ribbed belt drive system provides a smooth ride and minimal maintenance. The magnetic induction braking system is virtually maintenance-free. Q-factor (pedal distance) is 6.7″, which provides effective foot-pedal pressure.

The ergonomic slotted seat provides breathability and comfort, with an optional wide seat. The ergonomic design of the handlebars helps you get the best position for your upper body. A tablet or phone can also be conveniently placed in the dual water holder.

Double-sided pedals with SPD mounts provide rigid support for users who prefer soft-soled shoes. For cycling shoe enthusiasts, the bike also offers built-in standard SPD mounts.

A wide range of settings allows you to adapt the machine to suit any height. Precise position adjustment enables the seat and handles to be adjusted to the optimum position for every user so everyone in the family can be able to train and remain in the perfect shape. The seat and handlebar positions are securely locked with an integrated pin.

Additional console with a touch screen display. The optional console locks securely into the optimal viewing position and shows speed, time, distance, RPM, calories burnt, heart rate, and resistance levels. Additionally, the percentage of maximum HP is displayed, allowing instructors to work out with heart rate zones in mind (Polar-compatible telemetry chest sensor required).

For those who are just getting started with Lifecycle GX, Life Fitness has prepared some useful information resources which include the detailed guide videos with everything you need for a fascinating cycling class; tutorial videos with a detailed description of how to prepare a cycling machine to use; various techniques, and examples of classes; etc.

Check out the manufacturer’s website if you need any additional information.


  • Dimensions – 39.5″(H) x 54.6″(L) x 22.8″(W)
  • User weight capacity – 400 lbs
  • Weight – 111 lbs
  • Battery-powered LCD console


  • Longevity and micro-adjustments for achieving your goals
  • Ergonomic saddle with a cutout for additional comfort and airflow
  • Ergonomic handlebars for convenience and proper positioning
  • Vertical/horizontal seat/handlebars adjustment
  • Polar sensor for wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Compact GX LCD console with informative touch screen display, battery-powered
  • Dual water bottle holders for hydration (can be used as a holder for different digital devices)
  • Robotically welded steel frame with powder anti-corrosion coating
  • Dual magnetic resistance system
  • Precision lever for resistance adjustment
  • Double-sided pedals with SPD mountings
  • Multi-ribbed belt drive

Flywheel Sports AH-FWC50102 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

This industrial-grade Flywheel Home Bike provides exceptional durability, an extremely silent ride, and a covered wheel for increased safety, which is especially useful for homes with kids or pets. The unique design features 4-way adjustable handlebars/seat, which guarantees a splendid pedaling experience for the whole family.

Tracking progress and digital stats features available (pacer, race mode, leaderboards, etc.) This cycling machine is proudly designed and assembled in the U.S., so you can count on reliability and longevity. The high-intensity interval rides can become the most effective with expert instructors that can motivate you and help you achieve set goals faster.

The cycling machine also includes two bottle holders for proper hydration and two weighted bars for off-bike training.

You can choose from 2 different options (with or without a tablet) to fit your needs and budget. If you have Wi-Fi, you can stream in right into live classes or take part in preset durations to have the best workout sessions. The 15.6” 1920 x 1080 HR tablet has its programs and training sessions for proper workouts.


  • Dimensions – 56″(L) x 20.5″(W) x 47″(H) (without a tablet)
  • Weight – 120 lbs
  • Material – steel with full-frame shroud
  • Drive – Ply V belt
  • Unisex padded seat
  • Look-Delta compatible pedals
  • LOOK Delta-compatible shoes required (sold separately)
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Two transportation wheels
  • User height – 5’1 – 7′
  • Weight capacity – 330 lbs


  • High-quality durable and stable elegant design
  • Easy installation
  • Tracking progress and digital stats features available (pacer, race mode, leaderboards, etc.)
  • Off-bike Precision Training classes (subscription required after 2 months of use)
  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • 15.6″ built-in tablet

Kettler Racer 7 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The Kettler Tour 7 is a German beast, with its sturdy and reliable frame and high-quality parts that were all assembled with precision, is an ideal solution for the most demanding cycling enthusiasts. The machine comes with 8 different training modes to offer ultimate well-balanced workout sessions.

All Kettler bikes are equipped with LCDs for basic data display and program selection. The featured programs have impulse control and the digital blue-backlit easy-to-read LCD shows live data on speed, distance covered, time, heart rate, resistance level, etc. The distance from the lower pedal to the seat is 31-38.6″ (min/max).

Such a cycling machine allows you to get your body in perfect shape in the shortest possible time. It represents a line of lightweight vertical cycling machines with an additional set of functions. All Kettler bikes are equipped with LCDs that display basic information. This cycling bike model allows you to adjust the resistance with the help of modern software.

The pedals of the Racer 7 come with straps for comfortable and convenient pedaling. The road-style seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, and the height-adjustable handlebars allow for a more customized ride. The frame of the bike also features transportation wheels for mobility.

Overall, it’s a reliable and efficient cycling machine that will fit perfectly into any room interior due to its sleek modern design.


  • Flywheel weight – 15.4 lbs
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Voltage – 110V (US) or 220V
  • Weight capacity – 308,6 lbs
  • Two transportation wheels


  • Quiet workouts with no friction
  • Blue backlit easy-to-read LCD
  • Durable and comfortable design
  • Two transportation wheels
  • Made in Germany


You may have an ideal bike in your mind, but does it have all you need? Buying even a cheap magnetic spin bike is quite an investment. So you need to consider various features and parameters to suit your individual goals before you buy the machine.


There are two types of mechanisms when it comes to cycling on a spin bike:

Direct contact resistance that works by friction principle (like car brakes). You have braking pads along and above the flywheel that create the friction effect. To increase resistance, you have to rotate the knob on the frame, i.e. make the brake touch the flywheel.

Some spin bikes have friction bands instead of brake pads. The more friction, the harder it is to pedal. Thus, the workout is more intensive.

Then there is magnetic resistance, which implies two powerful magnets and the flywheel as a magnetic conductor. When you pedal faster, the flywheel interferes with the magnetic field and makes it harder to cycle, thus, more load on your muscles.

The good thing is you can effortlessly move from one intensity level to another. Besides, the brake doesn’t touch the flywheel, so there is no noise or wear and tear. If you want something silent and durable, go magnetic.


The drives can be either rubber belts or chains.

A robust rubber belt transfers the power from the pedals to the flywheel. The high tension of the belt keeps it from slipping and provides a smooth ride. Some spin bikes use tighter kevlar belts as well which have a longer lifespan. With belt drives, you get low acoustics, smooth cycling, and no maintenance. They are also more expensive than chain drives.

A chain drive is just as it sounds like, the one you see on regular outdoor bikes. When you spin the pedals, the flywheel gets turned by a roller chain that goes over a sprocket powered by pedaling. If you love to cycle outdoors, you will get the same experience on chain-driven spin bikes. Chain drives make typical clinking sounds, authentic movement, and require standard maintenance.


The flywheel is a big metal disc under the seat located in the back (rare flywheel) or the front of a spin bike. It gives you the feeling of an outdoor ride experience by storing energy to smooth out the cycling motion and promote a consistent cadence.

Heavy flywheels provide a smooth ride and spin slower, while their lighter and smaller high-speed counterparts (Keiser) eventually store more energy. However, weight is no big deal as the cycling is going to be smooth anyway. It’s just that heavier and bigger flywheels are a bit more “aggressive.”


If the flywheel is in the front of the bike, you will have to clean it often due to your sweat and corrosion risk. A rear-driven bike is the best option if you wish to avoid regular cleanups. However, there are high-quality bike frames with sweat and rust protection.

Now, you have enough information to make an informed decision on the matter. It’s up to you to make the right choice! Have smooth and productive rides, and may your bike serve you for years!


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